So.. I met someone

Well hello there:) it’s been a while. I’ve been runnin around Arkansas with my mum, traveling all over Cali-fonia with my padre, and restarting my life in my home town, Mt. Shasta. But something pretty incredible and unexpected happened. I met someone.. and Id like to introduce you to Mr. Jonas Kallström.


So I’m pretty sure I dreamnt him up, but I woke up the next day with photographic evidence that he, for sure, is a living individual and the amazing time we had was real.


So to start.. I met him by complete accident. Let me set the stage.. I just got off work at the brewery and drove my coworker Brittany home. I was thinkin, hmm should I go home? Yeah no, I’m gunna go get a beer. So I get back to the brewery and see hey, there’s some dishes I could help with so I get back behind the bar and got to work. It took me a couple minutes to look up and realize, hey.. There’s this gorgeous man sitting there with a really attractive accent. So of coarse, I go sit my happy ass down next to this guy and get to the bottom of things. And as it turns out he was really interesting.. And he had a depth about him that was incredibly intriguing. And I also found out where he got his sexy little accent. Turns out, he’s from Finland! on a holiday in Murica. So.. Eventually after chatting for a bit he asked if I’d like to go bowling, and of coarse, I’m a sucker for sports im no good at. So naturally.. we went out and had a great time together.


The next day we met back up, went to breakfast, and I showed him where I grew up. I took him up the mountain (well he took me up the mountain in his bitchen topless mustang, I might add) we threw snowballs at each other and saw some pretty absurdly gorgeous views.


I might also note, that he’s goofy af, and not very good at catching sunglasses. But that’s what I like about him:}


Beautiful.. beautiful, beautiful..

I got to show him all of my special spots around the county, and enjoy his company while doing so.


And with all foreign mistresses, there’s a farewell.


But not for long, he still plays me ukulele lullabys..


..And is really fucking cute while doing so;)

This, my friends, shall continue…

-Morgan La Fay met someone along the way❤️


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